Glen C. Henshaw [1884-1946]

Glen C. Henshaw was born in Windfall, Indiana in 1884. He later moved to the East Coast, living in Baltimore, Maryland and New York City following study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was influenced by impressionism. Henshaw exhibited at the Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis, the Art Institute at Chicago, and the Addison Gallery of American Art of the Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts. In 1941 he moved to Nashville, Indiana, in Brown County, where he purchased the Odd Fellows Building, and spent summers there for the five years remaining of his life. Brown County, termed “The Art Colony of the Midwest,” was one of six major art colonies in the early 1900s. A painter of portraits and cityscapes prior to 1941, Glen C. Henshaw continued with these genres in Nashville, also painting some landscapes. After his death in 1946, eighty-five of four hundred oils and pastels were kept as a memorial in the Odd Fellows Building and later moved to the Brown County Art Gallery. A fire destroyed many of Henshaw’s paintings at the latter venue, though today space at the Brown County Art Gallery features a collection of work that survived the fire, as well as paintings later added to the collection.